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Why Upgrade My Euro Cylinder Lock Quick and effective solution to door security.

Snapped vulnerable euro cylinder and Snapped secure euro cylinder

Protect your property.
Gain peace of mind.

Most uPVC and composite doors are fitted with a cylinder lock, commonly known as a Europrofile or euro cylinder. Each euro cylinder has a section cut out to provide space for a revolving cam. Turning the key revolves the cam, which engages with the door's lock mechanism to allow the locking and unlocking. Unfortunately the cut out produces a weak point on the cylinder making it vulnerable to Lock Snapping. Once a standard cylinder has been snapped, a thief can quickly and easily manipulate the mechanism and unlock the door.

Protect your Property

Lock Snapping is not the only threat to a euro cylinder but there is a rapid growth in the use of the technique. Lock Bumping, Lock Drilling, Lock Picking and Plug Pulling are also concerns. Fortunately, manufacturers like Yale invest heavily in developing features to combat the threats and upgrading to one of their high security euro cylinders can be done easily and at little cost.

Benefits of upgrading to a high security euro cylinder lock

Insurance Compliance

Home insurance policy holders should check the level of protection offered by their current locks and ensure that they meet the requirement of their insurance policy. Failure to do this could mean that the insurance policy is invalid and result in any claims being rejected. There may be a financial benefit to be considered too as some insurance companies may offer a discount for the fitting of high security locks.

As a general rule you should fit a cylinder lock that has attained a BS Kitemark and is regarded as Insurance Approved and Secured by Design. Both the Yale Platinum Anti-Snap, Yale Superior and Yale Anti-Bump euro cylinders are BS kitemark approved.

As new standards may be introduced in the future, we do recommend that you clarify the requirement of your own individual insurance policy. This requirement can sometimes be found in policy documents or within the insurers website.

Rest Easy

There has been much press recently about the rise in burglaries and the weakness of standard euro cylinder locks. Such news may raise concerns over how insecure our doors may be and cause us to worry each night when we go to bed, or each morning when we leave for work.

It's surprising how peace of mind returns once you upgrade to high security euro cylinders. Rest easy knowing that your property is safe and that a weak euro cylinder is not going to invalidate your insurance policy.

Whatsmore, replacing a euro cylinder for a high security one costs very little and is really easy to do!

As a secondary line of defence, it may be advisable to fit Sash Jammers to your windows and doors.

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